Simple Easy to Use Software Features

The Protect Your Assets Inventory Software App program is a do-it-yourself, user friendly for any age, designed with simple-to-use templates, combined with unlimited digital images for documenting all your personal property and business assets.

This is the ideal software for documenting your home, business, collections, heirlooms, antiques, firearms, hunting/fishing gear, boat, atv, motorhome, vacation home/condo. The concept is much like saving several computer files in one folder. One click to back-up each project to a read-only file for safe storage; saving extra copies on multiple flash drives and cloud storage. Continue to update your inventory when new items are added or replaced.

The 2-Projects and Unlimited-Projects versions allows the user to photograph, inventory and document several separate projects, all with separate totals, organizing the project inventory so everything is properly documented in the event of an insurance claim, all in one comprehensive software app program.

Once the digital photos are imported into the inventory program, they are saved forever unless you replace a photo with another photo. This simply means the software is not dependent on the original photos, however we suggest you keep the photo folders on the flash drive with the backup read-only project folder. We also suggest that scan any receipts you have for purchases documented in the inventory and add these to the room photo folders.

The software has many unique features such as auto-sum and auto-save. The features also include an ‘Asset I.D.’ used for estate planning or auctions and a ‘Bequeath’ area on each page, used for estate planning, designation of your wishes. We invite you to check it out.

  • The auto-sum feature posts a running asset inventory $$ total on the Client Information Page, that automatically changes with each entry.
  • The auto-save feature allows you move from room to room without losing documentation.
  • The auto-save continues to save the documentation and the last entry even if the computer is turned off while the program is open.
  • Add unlimited number of rooms and items.
  • Add unlimited number of photos.
  • Add up to 7 photos per item with description text boxes.
  • One click moves the photos to the inventory photo box.
  • One click to automatically backup the inventory as a read-only.
  • Save the read-only backup copy to CDs, Flash/External Drives, Cloud Storage or other preferred safe storage.
  • Print/save the project as a read-only PDF File format for quick reference.
  • Print the project for a binder reference.
  • The read-only backup copy is viewable from any mobile device; mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • Add an Asset I.D. Number for estate planning or business tracking.
  • Add designated heir for estate planning.
  • Add Select from Receipt, Personal Estimate or Appraisal.
  • Select whether an item is in Use or in Storage.
  • Select condition of item, warranty and if insured.
  • Comments area allows space for details.
  • Continue to update the inventory when new purchases are added or items are removed so the inventory is always current.