Explain the different project versions and what exactly they mean?
1-Project version, ideal for a single home owner, renter, college student, business, collector or hobby.
2-Projects version, ideal for a home and business owner, vacation home, motorhome or collections.
Unlimited-Projects version, ideal for those with multiple properties; homes, businesses, investment property, collections, artwork, collections, firearms, hobby or heirlooms.
You name each project and each multiple project versions are independent and printed separately, all in one comprehensive software program, truly a one-of-a-kind product.
An easy explanation regarding multiple projects all in one comprehensive program; is to pretend you have 3 cars in one garage. You can only drive one car at a time, yet all three are housed in one garage.
Do I need high speed internet to work the software app?
No, however the better the internet connection, the faster you can work the inventory program.
Your website states a perpetual, lifetime license, no renewal, no additional purchase required.
Yes, once you create your account, those setting are required to continue to access your account, indefinitely.
Are there hidden requirements or fees of any type?
No, you never pay fees to continue to use the program; it is yours for life or as long as you continue to use it.
How do I get started?
Once you purchase the software version of choice; 1-Project, 2-Projects or Unlimited-Projects, you will be linked directly into the software app program, to Create Your Account. Following that set-up, the program will open for you to begin an inventory project.
Should I scan receipts?
Yes, you should scan any receipts that you may have and save them in a folder along with the backup, download copy of the projects(s) for safe storage. We urge you to save all related inventory documents including your Homeowners Insurance Policy(s) to the same location for easy access should you need them.
Can I backup my project?
Yes, click to backup your project anytime, to a read-only file.
Can I download the projects to review and print?
Yes, you can backup project(s) file(s), sent as a download attachment to your registered email address. You have the option to save the read-only file to your device, desktop, CDs, flash drive or cloud storage. Once backed up is downloaded, you have the option to review and print the project(s) in PDF format for reference. Some prefer to save printed projects in binders.
Is an online service safer than an installed program?
Absolutely, for several reasons; you can access your inventory anytime, anywhere, in the event of an emergency. You can share the read-only copy with your insurance agent on any device.
Is my inventory secure and safe online? Can it get deleted?
Yes, it is secure and safe online and it will not get deleted. The Protect Your Assets Inventory Software Website and your inventory project(s) are stored on a dedicated server using the highest level of firewall and encryption backup security technology
Can other people or anyone else view my inventory?
No one else can view your inventory project(s) and no one else has access to your inventory project(s).
Do I really need an inventory of my home and personal property assets?
Yes, you do. Everything you own is an asset, even if it is mortgaged or financed. All assets should be documented and photographed for insurance tracking. Everyone should have an inventory of all their home personal property, covered by your Homeowner’s Policy. The potential loss of personal property and business assets are a reality. If you live in an area subject to storms, wildfires or disasters, having an inventory prepared will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared.
How will an inventory affect an insurance claim or loss?
Property loss is at an all time high. Crime is on the rise everywhere and weather related disasters continue to affect all areas of the country and the world. If you experienced a major loss, you will be glad that you took the time to document your assets, because more than likely it will have a positive effect on your insurance claim settlement, perhaps by thousands of dollars.
Do I photo and document everything I own?
That’s up to you, however you should photo and inventory all furniture, electronics, collections, valuable property, i.e. jewelry, firearms, artwork, etc. The small stuff can be documented as “one lot” of items, such as kitchen utensils. You should photo everything in every room or area, open drawers and cabinets. Most of us don’t know how much stuff we own until we’ve completed the inventory. Then, many realize they are underinsured
Do I put a cost or replacement value on the items?
Yes, you should. You may not remember exactly how much an item(s) cost, but you should have a good idea how much it will cost to replace the item(s) or estimate the cost. We like to share this example with you…every home generally has a “junk drawer” that often includes the following: pens, pencils, ruler, scissors, tape, tablets, stapler, paper clips, binder clips, sometimes various screwdrivers, hammer and the list goes on and on. Now, do the math and you may be surprised to learn it would cost $20 to $50 or more to replace everything in the “junk drawer”.
An internet connection is required to access the software app?
Yes, the user must be connected to the internet to access the software app, which is a convenience and a security feature. Regardless of where you are, you can access your account, unlike installed programs on a specific device.
How long will it take me to inventory my home?
Obviously, that may depend on several factors; the size of your home and contents, the interest in preparing a simple or complex detailed documentation. The main issue is to not let the project overwhelm you. Analyze the overall project and start with one room and set your pace from that. Some say, one room or area a week is a good pace, you will have to make that judgment.
Should I use my smart phone or a camera?
That’s up to you, however we suggest you save the photos in a separate folder on a flash drive, along with copies of scans of any receipts that you may have. We suggest you review the Easy Inventory Steps Webpage for tips on documenting an inventory project.
My mom has several valuable collections’, can I use one of the projects for her home inventory? She is older and doesn’t have a computer and she is interested in the estate planning/bequeath option.
Absolutely, use one of the projects and assist her with her estate planning interest. This is a tip to consider when documenting valuable items. Take the time to write the name of the object, along with a description and value on a 3x5 index card and place the card near the object, so that both are included in the photo
How do I inventory my closet?
Start my organizing your items, x # of shirts, x # of pants, then determine an average a realistic replacement cost for the items. Take several photos to include all the various items.