Easy Inventory Steps 

All you need to get started is a mobile phone/tablet camera or digital camera, capable of transferring photos to the online software app program.

After Creating Your Account, open the software program and name the project and fill in the (your) Client Page information.

Next, create Room Name Folders, i.e. Bedroom, Kitchen; on your mobile phone/tablet or computer desktop.

Take the photos first, before the documentation, simply because it is easier to list the items in the photos.

Photo the exterior and interior of your home or office, capturing any special details or finishes, so that in the event of a total loss, it can be rebuilt to the same standards reflected in your photos.

Be sure to include any storage out-buildings in the inventory, because generally everything on your property is covered by your Homeowners Insurance Policy, even if you consider it junk. Landscaping may be covered by your insurance policy.

Begin with the main areas/rooms, followed by the garage/storage/attic/basement/patio/ deck/pool/outdoor areas.

Take photos of each room, moving the photos into the Room Folders. Review the photos for lighting issues. Next, Name the Items, i.e. Sofa, Chairs, Tables.

Close-up photo details may be necessary to capture details of antiques, jewelry or special items and some items should require detailed information along with model and serial numbers.

Click on the Photo Black Box and import the photos from the Room Folders on the mobile phone/tablet or computer desktop.

Be sure to notice each Item has a Tab with another page of 6 additional photos. You can type basic information in the field area below each photo, a great feature for collections.

Continue to complete the Items descriptions and $dollar values in each Room Folder.

Scan or photo receipts that you may have for the inventory items and save them in a folder along with a copy of your insurance policy.

Each time you stop the inventory process, you can back-up the current inventory project(s) and save it, along with the photos, on a flash or cloud drive. You can continue to add or replace items, so your inventory is always current.

Note, the software template has an Asset I.D. field for estate planning or business asset tracking and a Bequeath area for the name of designated heirs, allow you to express your wishes for your heirs. This is a great way to personalize gifts to your heirs. You can use the ‘Comments’ field on the Room Item form to add history about the item or a personal gift note to loved ones.