Protect Your Assets Inventory Software Application

Sherry Hood, Founder/Owner, proudly introduces PROTECT YOUR ASSETS INVENTORY SOFTWARE Application. More than a program, the premier software is now an Application, a cloud-based web application accessible through an online internet connection. The App is a new design concept for the popular software program, a first with this technology.

The App is accessible on all electronic devices regardless of Brand, Model or Operating System, Mobile Phones, Tablets and Computers, featuring a perpetual, lifetime license, no renewal, no additional purchase required.

It’s as easy as signing on to your online banking, available anytime, anywhere!

The copyright software program was first introduced in 2005, the year of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive, professionally designed software inventory program for documentation of home-owner’s personal property and business assets. PROTECT YOUR ASSETS INVENTORY SOFTWARE is the only asset inventory software program offering three (3) stand-alone versions: 1-Project for those with one property, 2-Projects for those with a home, business or collections and the Unlimited-Projects for those with multiple properties or investments, each with separate totals, all in one comprehensive software program, a truly one-of-a-kind product.

The software is designed with many unique features including; auto-sum, posts a running inventory total with every dollar entered and the auto-save, saves the last character entered, even if the input process is interrupted. Designed with easy to use templates, the software is very user friendly for any age.

Sherry remarks, for many homeowners, their home may be their most valuable asset. Many home orbusiness owners may not have the financial resources to replace many of the items they may fail to include when filing a claim. Even if it is only a partial loss, it can take a toll on them financially. Renters and college students have the same risks and should consider documenting their property as well. Many are complacent about the potential loss of personal property and do nothing, while others consider asset protection a wise investment with lasting value year after year.

Being prepared brings peace of mind! Rising food and gas prices, have many families stretched to the limit now, with-out the issue of a major loss of personal property. Older, retired people cannot go back to work to rebuild their lives. We work a lifetime to acquire our assets, why gamble on a loss!

Some often remark, I have good insurance. Having good insurance is not enough. No one can remember everything they own and its value. National disasters have made the insurance claim process more complex. When filing a claim,YOU will be required to list all items, their value and they may ask for receipts or proof of ownership.

Homeowners and businesses should be pro-active and prepared! It’s about being prepared before a loss occurs. Why you may ask? For the same reasons you carry a spare tire, lock your doors and install an alarm system...just in case. Ask yourself.... is a day of my time to take my home inventory worth everything I own? You bet it is!

Today, homes may have several large flat screen televisions that cost thousands of dollars, several computers and expensive electronic equipment. This is why the insurance company may require receipts and proof you owned these items. If you cannot provide the proper documentation and/or receipts; and if the insurance company has any doubts,they will not pay you for your loss. Law enforcement may not accept a property loss claim for items requiring a model and serial number, if you do not know those details. Why? It’s simple....if they locate the property how will they know it is your property and how will YOU know it is your property?

Most home and business owners admit they do not read their insurance policy and do not know the extent of their coverage or what is required when filing a claim. Many have found they are underinsured; meaning your policy may not pay you enough to rebuild your home and/or replace the contents. If you own a large collection or several firearms; their value may exceed the value listed on your policy or may not be covered at all. Most of us have ‘replacement insurance coverage’ which means you will be paid the replacement value, however you must first prepare a list of those items and their values. Many have home-based businesses with valuable office equipment to consider.

Most family members over the age of 12 have personal electronics, smart phones, tablets and computers. We suggest each family member stage their personal electronics in front of a mirror, then photograph themselves with their smart phone. Angle the camera off to one side so the flash doesn’t affect the center of the picture. Add a medium size place card in front of each item with details: brand, model, serial number and value. Remember to do the same with the smart phone as well. This is an easy way to identify everyone’s equipment including their personal photo with their property, again proof of ownership.

We suggest, make the inventory process a family project, involve everyone, make it interesting and exciting. It’s ok to have your family in the photos. She also urges everyone to prepare an emergency evacuation plan so family members know what to do in the event of a disaster. Share this information with everyone you know and encourage them to get prepared!