Plan + Prepare + Protect
Plan, Prepare and Protect your Family, Home and Business!
Crime ~ Wildfires ~ Storms ~ Floods ~ Security ~ Safety Concerns!
Anything can happen when we’re away, even with locked doors, alarm systems and block watch!
Ask Yourself….. if I lost everything tomorrow?

  • Could I remember everything I own?
  • Could I list every item, with brand, model, serial number and cost?
  • How much will I remember if I don’t prepare a home and/or business inventory?
  • Will my insurance company write me a check based on my best guess?
  • Could I provide the insurance adjuster a complete, accurate list of my losses?
  • Do I have enough insurance to rebuild or replace everything I own?
  • Is a day of my time to prepare my home or business inventory worth everything I own?
  • The time to document your personal possessions and business assets is NOW while you can!

Most of us are complacent about the potential loss of personal property and/or business assets, however we are aware the reality exists!

Awareness – it is your responsibility to protect your assets, property and family. Inventory documentation is an important element of protecting your assets.

The First Step is deciding to get prepared and begin with a home and/or business inventory documentation.

FEMA/State – check and review FEMA and State Emergency sites, long with the American Red Cross for detailed information on how and what to do, to Plan, Prepare and Protect your family and assets.

Preparedness – also includes home/family or business emergency, evacuation, safe and well plan. Preparedness is more important than ever, simply watch the news for more insight. Organize your important documents in the “To Go Document Bag” in the event of an evacuation. Be sure to include elderly family members, special needs, children and pets in the preparedness plan.

Why an Inventory – because you may can retrieve lost items and it may save you form a huge financial loss. Items with model and serial numbers are often the most popular items stolen and the lease likely to be returned to the owner, if the owner does not have the identifying information.

Disasters and Crime are on the rise everywhere and affects everyone regardless of where you live. Storms and wildfires continue to rage and many are not prepared. A major loss could result in a major financial loss.

Saving Money– by being prepared. We like to remind folks that being prepared can actually save you money in more ways than you might think. For instance, if you are somewhat organized before an emergency or an evacuation, more than likely you will remember to take some of the basic necessities; mobile phones, tablets, laptop, power chargers, medications, eye wear, jackets, gloves, hats, toilet items, food, snacks, bottled water, pet food, paper goods, blankets, pillows, etc. So,………if you did not take these items, more than likely there would be the need to purchase some or most of them the first day.

In the event of a catastrophic disaster, you could lose your home, business and livelihood.

Get Prepared Before You Need It! ~ Being prepared brings peace of mind!