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Protect Your Assets Inventory Software
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Our Challenge, Mission and Goal 2005 – 2024

The proprietary PROTECT YOUR ASSETS INVENTORY SOFTWARE was first introduced in 2005, the year of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive, professionally designed software inventory program for documentation of homeowner’s personal property and business assets. PROTECT YOUR ASSETS INVENTORY SOFTWARE is the only asset inventory software product offering three (3) stand-alone versions; 1-Project, 2-Projects and Unlimited-Projects, designed with many unique features, all in one comprehensive program.

Our mission and goal have always been about providing a premier asset inventory software program as a do-it-yourself for homeowners and small business owners, so they can be prepared for an insurance loss claim.

We proudly introduced the new PROTECT YOUR ASSETS INVENTORY SOFTWARE APPLICATION, in 2020, a cloud-based application, accessible through an internet connection. The Software App is accessible on all electronic devices regardless of Brand, Model and Operating System; mobile phones, tablets and computers, available anytime, anywhere. We proudly continue our quest as an industry leader, providing the best asset inventory software product on the market anywhere, a first with this technology.

Our Vision, Development & Accomplishments  

PROTECT YOUR ASSETS INVENTORY SOFTWARE, a premier software product, an industry leader, attracted global representation by major fulfillment/distribution/marketplace centers and more than 60 top brand retailers that included Costco Wholesale Club, Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, and Barnes & Nobel in the U.S. and Canada.

We can proudly claim that we’ve been represented by some of the best retailers, and the software product has shared online and retail space with many of the major software brands available.

Our broad Distribution Marketing Plan was structured as a financial business model, earning substantial revenue for fulfillment/distribution centers and retailers.

Disaster Relief

We are known as a business that gives back to communities. Over the years, we have gifted more than 24,000 free downloads of the software program to disaster victims and survivors anywhere in the U.S. assisting thousands of home and business owners filing their insurance claim and IRS Taxes.

On September 4, 2011, Labor Day Weekend, the Bastrop (Texas) County Complex Wildfire destroyed about 1700 homes and businesses, and left about 5,000 homeless in a matter of hours. Following those dreadful days, we sponsored and supported community relief efforts until they were suspended 16 months later.

We’ve seen a great need for our software program in communities dealing with disasters. Since 2005 several major storms, flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes have ravaged the U.S. and some continue in many areas today!

We thank our customers, supporters, retail brands, and fulfillment/distributors for our continued success.

Protect Your Assets Inventory Software, LLC.