Protect All Your Assets

Home and Business Asset Inventory Software, is used to document everything you own; all home and personal property, electronics, collections, antiques, art, books, firearms, jewelry and business property assets.

Be creative and document all assets; investments, real estate, vehicles, motorhome, vacation home, rental property, boat and insurance policies, so that ALL assets are inclusive and listed on the Asset Inventory Software Project(s).

Protect ALL Your Assets with proper inventory documentation before a loss occurs and ensure maximum reimbursement for an insurance claim.

It is your responsibility to protect your assets and reports indicate less than 10% have the proper documentation when filing an insurance claim.

Other reports indicate policy owners typically lose 40% to 60% of contents claims, due to the lack of documentation, photos and proof of ownership. A 40% to 60% loss on a $100,000 contents policy coverage amounts to $40,000 to $60,000. Most agree that is a lot of money to lose on a claim. And….. some ask if taking a day or two of my time to inventory my assets, worth everything I own? You bet it is!

Asset documentation is another level of protection. Many consider inventory documentation and asset protection a wise investment of time, money and it brings peace of mind.

For many home and business owners, their home and business assets may account for their most valuable assets. Today’s, families and businesses have thousands of dollars invested in furnishings, electronics and often home based office equipment. Many home and/or business owners do not have the financial resources to replace many of the items they may lose and fail to include when filing a claim. Even a partial loss can take a toll on them financially.

It is said, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in the case of a claim, it could be worth thousands of dollars. Again, worth repeating, photos and documentation of your valuable assets could be worth thousands of dollars.

Personal property costs thousands of dollars more today, with the popularity of smart phones, computers, games and flat screen televisions, collections, tools and firearms. All these items have serial numbers and/or pertinent identification numbers. Phones have their information label inside the battery compartment. Photograph that type of information and save it as picture.

Take a minute to think about this….most of us work a lifetime for the important comforts and stuff we expect to have when we retire. Our homes are filled with memories that we’re not prepared to lose. Older, retired folks cannot go back to work to rebuild their lives, so why gamble on a loss.

It cost very little to protect your assets; we offer a premier product that has been on the market since 2005. An industry leader and global representation by major fulfillment/distribution/marketplace centers and other popular retail brands that include Costco Wholesale Club.

The software is a tangible product with lasting value year after year and is considered to be the ideal gift for family, friends, clients or associates.