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Refer A Friend

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We are stepping up to do our part. Do you need an extra $50 bucks? Who doesn’t need an extra $50 Bucks? Many friends and families are struggling during these uncertain times.

Join the Refer-A-Friend-To-Protect-Your-Assets-App Club and earn $10 Referral CASH for every referral that purchases any one of the (3) versions of the Software App: 1-Project $29.95, 2-Projects $49.95, or Unlimited-Projects $79.95.

Referral CASH will be paid with Visa Gift Cards in increments of $50, mailed to your address. We will pay the activation fee so the Gift Card will be worth the $50 face value. The amount of Referral CASH that you can earn is unlimited, so let’s get busy.

If you don’t need the extra cash, gift the Gift Card to someone that does need it, or donate it to a church providing relief in the community, or donate it to a food bank. A win/win for everyone!

Reach out to your network of friends and family to assist you in this effort. Share this unique opportunity with everyone you know. Everyone can help.

First, Sign Me Up for the Refer-A-Friend-To-Protect-Your-Assets-App Club and get a FREE 2-Projects version Software App for your personal property, hobbies, collections, hunting/fishing gear and/or business assets inventory documentation.

Following your Sign Me Up action, you will be gifted a FREE License Key (for registration and use) of the New Protect Your Assets Inventory Software Application, 2-Projects version a $49.95 value.

The Software App is accessible on all electronic devices regardless of Brand, Model or Operating System, on mobile phones, tablets, and computers, online, anytime, anywhere. Designed with easy to use templates, the Software App is very user friendly for any age.

As a member of the Refer-A-Friend-To-Protect-Your-Assets-App Club, you will earn $10 Referral CASH for each of your submitted referral contacts that purchase any one of the (3) versions of Protect Your Assets Inventory Software Application.

Share this with your friends and family and they too can earn Referrals CASH! Anyone in the U.S. can join the Refer-A-Friend-To-Protect-Your-Assets-App Club.

Qualifying Requirements:

  1. First, email Sign Me Up to Enter your name, mailing address, including city, zip code, and phone number to be gifted a FREE 2-Projects version of the Software Application.
  2. Next, you will be emailed the 2-Projects version License Key along with instructions on how to register your copy of the Software App. We urge you to review the new website and the informative and knowledgeable webpages to learn all the design features including the Integrated Illustrated Tutorial.
  3. To earn Referral CASH, share the website Link with friends and family and request they review the website and ask if they are interested in purchasing any one of the (3) Software App versions: 1-Project $29.95, 2-Projects $49.95 or Unlimited-Projects $79.95, and inform them that you will earn $10 Referral CASH for their purchase. Follow up with your referral contacts and if they are interested, remind them that you are submitting their name for the Refer-A-Friend-To-Protect-Your-Assets-App Club and that you will earn $10 for their purchase. Remind them again, they will need to purchase any one of the (3) Software App versions for you to earn the $10 Referral CASH.
  4. Submit your Referrals via email to and list their names, mailing addresses, city, zip codes and phone numbers. Your Referrals will not be contacted by us, they are only for confirmation of your Referrals List.
  5. Once any five (5) Referrals purchase any one of the (3) versions: 1-Project, 2-Projects or Unlimited-Projects, you will be notified via email the status of your earned Referral CASH; (5) Referrals = $50.
  6. A Visa Gift Card in the Amount of $50 will be mailed within three (3) business days USPS First Class to the Sign Me Up person’s mailing address for their Referrals. We will notify the recipient via email the day the $50 Visa Gift Card is mailed so they can be on the look-out for the Visa Gift Card. Visa Gift Cards will be limited to $50 increments. So, if your earned Referral CASH is less than $50, hustle more referrals!
  7. Going forward you can continue to email names of referrals to be added to your list. At any time, you can email and request the status of your earned Referral CASH. Per your request, a copy of your Referral List will be emailed for your review at any time.
  8. Share the Refer-A-Friend-To-Protect-Your-Assets-App Club with your friends and family, so they too can earn Referral CASH for their referrals.
  9. The Buy-One Gift-One Free Webpage for FEMA Declared Disaster Survivors qualifies for the $10 Referral CASH and survivors qualify to Sign Me Up and earn the Referral CASH. Anyone that has qualified with Sign Me Up or purchased any version of the Software App can complete the Gift-One Free Submittal Form on behalf of a FEMA Declared Disaster Survivor. Most of us know one or more FEMA Declared Disaster Survivors and the 1-Project gift could prove helpful with their insurance claim loss or for their new home, or home furnishings, or business/business assets as they move forward with their lives.
  10. There is a Public Service Announcement on the Website Home page stating that ALL FEMA Declared Disaster Survivors in the U.S. since 2005 qualify for a FREE 1-Project Software App for their insurance claim loss or for their new home/home furnishings, or business/business assets as they move forward with their lives. Survivors are required to email their contact information to: Help us help your family and friends by sharing this information and the Public Service Announcement.

Why the 2-Projects version? Are you prepared in the event of an insurance claim? Anything can happen while you are away. Many homeowners have businesses, vacation homes, condos, hunting and fishing gear, boats and/or recreation vehicles they may prefer to document separately; especially items that may have serial numbers and often become stolen property. Protecting Your Assets could never be easier. Snap a picture, add the description, dollar value and you are done! Save a backup copy for safe storage in the cloud, on a flash drive or print the inventory documentation pages.

Today, many homes have several large flat screen televisions that cost thousands of dollars, several computers and other expensive electronic equipment. In the event of a claim, an insurance company adjustor may require receipts and proof that you own these items. Can you remember everything that you own and its value? Being prepared brings peace of mind and provides detail records for property loss claims.

Many families do not have the financial resources to replace many of the items they may fail to include when filing a claim. Even a partial loss, can take a toll on them financially. Renters have the same risks and should consider documenting their personal property as well. Since the economy downturn, families are stretched to the limit now, without the issue of a major loss of personal property. Older, retired people cannot go back to work to rebuild their lives. We work a lifetime to acquire our assets, why gamble on a loss!

If your family is one of the many families stuck at home with little to do with your time, now is a good time to photo and document your personal property and the task often promotes decluttering and reorganizing as you proceed through the process. Review the Easy Inventory Steps Webpage for tips on the process. For many families, their home and furnishings may be their most valuable assets and taking the time to photograph and prepare proper documentation are generally viewed as a wise investment of time well spent.

Thank you for your interest and consideration. If anyone has questions, email your questions to